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Known as an African form of lingerie, these bright, colorful beads on a loose string are worn tantalizingly out of sight, sitting parallel to panties on a woman’s hips. Women tend to feel more feminine, sophisticated and classy wearing waistbeads, as they are normally only seen by the lady wearing them and a special person who would be so lucky.

 Women in Egypt, Namibia, Nigeria, and Ghana wear beads as a sign of womanhood, sexuality, fertility and wealth. In Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola the same beads symbolize power and sexual attraction. Across the African continent they are an ageless immutable trend.

 How-to wear

Similar to a belly chain, waistbeads aren’t too tight as they rest on the lower midriff area. A singular bead can be worn at once or several at a time, allowing for a soft sound to be heard when clasped together. It’s an arousing accent to the ears. Cut off any extra string and beads and make into a simple matching bracelet or ring.

• Most African patterns are one of a kind and are generally not duplicated.