Erica Akosua Ayisi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Akosua’s Closet. 'Akosua' means baby girl born on Sunday in the Akan language. Her parents are from the Ashanti and Akuapem tribes in Ghana, West Africa. She’s an award winning International Journalist. A majority of her work explores the global Black experience. 

Erica, Ghanaian-American, reporter began her career as an on-air correspondent for ETV Ghana. She’s filed numerous human feature stories across the African Diaspora for NBC NEWS, NBCBLK, Afroelle Magazine, Charter TV3, The Grio, The Root and xoNecole. Erica’s work as a global storyteller can be found at ericaayisi.com.

Her love, passion, intrigue and obsession for all things African are the inspiration behind Akosua’s Closet. Erica exclusively handpicked every selection for her customers to enjoy, as if she were adding them to her own closet. Every product is 100% made on the African continent spanning across South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, and Kenya. Erica loves Africa and wants you to love it too.


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